About Me

Hello to everyone who decided for one reason or another to look at this page!

I’m not sure what you’re expecting to find here, but you should probably know that I’m not very good about writing personal stuff about myself.  So instead here are some basic bullet points:

  • Currently I’m a student at the University of Arizona majoring in Global Studies, French, and Arabic.
  • Clearly, I like languages.  My first language is English, but I’ve also studied Spanish extensively and am dabbling in Italian on the side.  I hope to learn more languages in the future.
  • I’m originally from Charleston, West Virginia in the US.
  • I love traveling as well as reading and writing.
  • Since I’m in college, you’re probably wondering, like everyone, what I plan to do with my life, and if you look at the blog tagline, you can see I don’t totally know.  I’d like to go into the  Peace Corps, but beyond that, it’s unclear.  I’m just trying to live the adventure

Finally, why am I writing this blog?  Well, simply it’s because I’m not really at home that much these days, and this is a way for me to both remember what I’ve been up to when people ask and also a way to stay in contact.  As an added bonus, I have a place to organize my pictures and remember my thoughts from various places I’ve gone while also getting better at writing.

Please enjoy the blog!


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